Billy likes long walks on the beach, although really not all that long, and not if the beach is particularly sandy. A stroll through a park catching Pokémon is more his style. Billy has been working in the media industry since 2007 when he quietly snuck into Topher's old job. Nowadays Billy mostly does visual effects and animation, when he's not recording this podcast, or doodling pictures of himself. He has a wife, kid, and a groodle.


Topher is a film snob living in the (oversized) body of an easily pleased movie fan. This results in such madness as Return of the Jedi being his favourite movie, even though he knows it’s not even the best Star Wars film. Topher is primarily a lensman (cameraman) and has been working in the industry for long enough to say things like “When I started out…”. You know the kind…



The show began its life in November of 2017 - when Topher thought that a short, animated movie review show would be a fun undertaking. This simple idea was concocted with a total disregard for how much time it would take Billy to do the animation. Instead, convinced that the rest of the world would surely be as easily amused by us as we are, and with little thought as to what we were doing, we hit record and the “Bears on Film” podcast was born. 21 episodes later, we renamed the show “We Watched a Thing”, and now here we are. Enjoy it, world. We’re here for you.


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This is it! Same show, same blokes. Just a new name and a facelift. As much as we loved the name Bears on Film, it was a name that we had never given any thought to. It came to Topher 20 seconds AFTER hitting record on what became our first episode. There were a few issues with the name. The first is that it isn't very clear to the listener what to expect in the show. The joke is that we're large and hairy, but that joke is kind of missed in a purely audio based format. The second and larger issue is that we could never really own the name. Because we didn't check in advance whether anybody else was using it, we soon discovered that plenty of people were. There is already a .com, a twitter account, and a facebook page all using the name. We had been throwing around possible alternative names for a while, but never really found anything we liked. We had all but decided to just leave it as Bears on Film, when we came up with We Watched A Thing, and fell in love immediately.


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